The  Decent(ralized) Metaverse

The metaverse is here: an immersive Web full of social virtual and augmented reality experiences. However, mega-corporations want to lock it down and wall it up to make another addictive, toxic ad-selling platform. We’re taking it in a different direction because we dream of a democratized new era of the Web where creators own their content, users own their data, and no single entity exhibits undue influence on the community as a whole.

Immers Space seeks to free the Immersive Web from the pitfalls of the social media era by using a decentralized model based on open Web standards such that it cannot be controlled by a tech giant oligopoly, bringing people together across platforms in live shared experiences, and providing content creators an alternative monetization model that respects user privacy.

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Let’s Save the Metaverse from Corporate Domination

We’re creating the metaverse: a cross-platform, decentralized social network for the Immersive Web that centers open standards, self-ownership of data and content, and sustainable business models for content creators. The internet as it exists today is a...

Women In Virtual Reality

Much of the world that we experience today was made possible only because of a plethora of technological innovations. In the past few decades, great minds from all walks of life contributed to pushing the human race forward, the fruits of which we enjoy on a daily...

Cybersecurity Threats In Virtual Reality (VR) And Augmented Reality (AR) – Challenges Organizations May Encounter & Tips On How To Overcome Them

Since the first head-mounted AR display in the 1960s, Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) have become increasingly more prominent and given way to the metaverse, a massive virtual shared world created by the convergence of the internet, VR, and AR. While...

How to earn money from your Hubs Cloud with Web Monetization

Mozilla's Hubs virtual collaboration platform now lets you host your own corner of the Immersive Web with their Hubs Cloud program, but did you know you can easily start earning money from your Hubs Cloud without adding advertisements or writing any code? What is Web...

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