Chessboxing is the world’s first metaverse-spanning game. Two independent 3D Web games, Virtual Reign immersive chess and Moonrider VR rhythm game, work together to create a combined chessboxing experience using portable identity and federated messaging from Immers Space.

The game begins as a typical chess match in the Shaolin Chessboxing Room, but players will find their game interrupted periodically with a portal to where they must complete a physical endurance challenge in Moonrider before they can continue the mental challenge of chess. As players move between worlds, they link the experiences by logging in with their portable metaverse identity from any free, open-source, self-hosted Immers Server, and the states of the two games are synchronized by sending federated messages to share game state and scores with the two experiences and with other players.

All of this is accomplished without the use of blockchain or NFTs. Instead, the Immers Server is powered by open Web standards, using OAuth 2.0 / OpenId Connect for portable identity and ActivityPub for federated messaging. By avoiding the costs inherent in using cryptocurrencies, Immers Space seeks to make the metaverse open and accessible to all.

Chessboxing by Immers Space will premiere in Los Angeles, California, at the Two Bit Circus Beta Night on September 29th and will be available online afterwards.


About Immers Space:

Immers Space is a cooperative organization with a mission to foster a flourishing Immersive Web that promotes creative autonomy, decentralized control, and sharing of open-access resources. We pursue that goal by creating free software that breaks down the walls between metaverse platforms and by sharing the decision-making for that software with the creators and immersers who use it. In order to keep that governance free from outside influence, we fund the work exclusively through proceeds from our design and development contracting services and cooperative membership dues.