Immersive Web Creators: Frequently Asked Questions

What is Immers Space exactly?

Immers Space is a social networking application that runs alongside your Immersive Web experience. It provides account registration and login for your site, allows users to login to your site with their existing accounts from other immers, and publishes social updates for users on your site (e.g. sharing a link to invite friends to meet up at your site)

Aren’t you just trying to be another gatekeeping platform?


The Immers Space metaverse is federated. That means anyone can start up a server and join the network without needing permission.

The Immers Space metaverse is also standards-based. That means you’re not locked-in to our software because we interoperate with other platforms using the ActivityPub standard – you can even connect with people on 2D social sites like Mastodon.

Aren’t you just trying to be another landlord extracting rent from creators like an app store?


We do not charge any fees or commissions on money you earn with your Immersive Web site. It’s your app running on your hardware, so you’re in total control of how to collect payments, and we couldn’t get in the middle even if we wanted to.

How do you make money, then?

Immers Space creators and users can join our platform cooperative and gain governance rights in our organization in exchange for membership dues

We offer paid managed hosting for those who do not want to maintain their own immers servers

We offer contract services to build custom Immersive Web experiences

We use Web Monetization in our own Immersive Web experiences (check out Virtual Reign immersive chess)

What’s Web Monetization?

Web Monetization is a proposed open Web standard that lets users pay content creators directly without middlemen, advertisements, or tracking. While visitors are on your site, they continuously send tiny payments (fractions of a penny) from their account to yours.

We think this is a great match for Immersive Web content and for the mission of Immers Space, so we’ve integrated it in our projects and share source code and resources to help you use it.

How can I trust Immers Space not to change or sell out to an extractive platform once I’m invested?

Immers Space is the only metaverse that puts creators and users in charge. If you join our platform cooperative, you gain legal governance rights in the organization, including voting rights on major decisions such as an acquisition.

Check out the details in our bylaws

Is Immers Space open-source software?


Immers Space is 100% free and open-source software. Check out our source code on GitHub.

Do I have to make my project open-source if I’m using Immers Space?


The Immers server has a strong copyleft license (AGPL-3), so you are obligated to share any additions to make to our source code, but, since Immers is its own standalone app, these requirements do not extend to your Immersive Web experience.