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Metaverse Design and DEvelopment


Our team of experienced WebXR engineers and artists provides full-service contracting, freelance work, or embedded team members to realize your vision for 3D interactive media.

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A Wealth of Experience

We’ve been building the Immersive Web since its earliest days in 2015, and we back that up with decades of combined Web development, 3D modeling, and online community building experience. You won’t find a more experienced team to build your branded virtual world or immersive social space.

Art & Design Services

Artistic direction, 3D modeling, animation, Blender, glTF, 3D UI/UX

Front-end WebXR Development Skills

A-Frame, Three.js, Babylon.js, WebAssembly, GLSL, React, Vue, Angular

Back-end Engineering Skills

Node.js, SQL & NoSQL databases, API development & integration, OAuth2, ActivityPub federation, mediasoup WebRTC


You’ll find our work and open-source contributions in top metaverse platforms and tools

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Our specialties

Immersive Web

Create one experience that runs on every device instantly, right in the Web browser. No more wasted expense building separate apps for each platform

Shared Experiences

Your creation can be a place where people come together with their friends and family to make lasting memories


The future of the web is inclusive, so our designs and 3D websites are fully usable by keyboard navigation and screen readers


Plug into the millions of users of the Fediverse’s connected-but-independent Web communities using our IAM and decentalized social networking tools

Sample projects

Virtual Reign

Immersive social chess built as an add-on to Mozilla Hubs Cloud. Supports cross-platform play with desktop, mobile, and virtual reality. Enables friends list and location location sharing via Immers technology.

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Nice Free Treasures Shop

The Nice Free Treasures Shop is a demonstration of how Immers technology and Open Web Standards like ActivityPub can power verifiable digital collectibles without the waste and expense of blockchain.

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How we’re different

A worker-owned cooperative with a mission

To foster a flourishing Immersive Web that promotes creative autonomy, decentralized control, and sharing of open-access resources.

Our Mission