What is Immers Space?

by | Sep 9, 2021

Immers Space is a network of communities for immersers, people like you who explore the Immersive Web. You pick one community to make your home (or start your own), and you’ll be able to use that account at any immers-enabled space in the metaverse and to make friends with immerses from other communities as well. Your account lets you bring your identity with you to different sites and your friends list lets you see what sites your friends are visiting so you can join them.

Immers Space is fully open-source and based on the official Web standard for decentralized social sites called ActivityPub, but this type of decentralization is not based on blockchains or cryptocurrency. Instead it uses a low-energy, environmentally friendlier approach called federation.

What’s my Immers Login handle?

Since Immers Space is a network of interconnected but independent communities, to indicate your unique identity in this federation, you need a combination of your username and the location of your home immer. It’s similar to an e-mail, but instead of an @ we use []. So, if you registered as sally on immers.space, your handle would be sally[immers.space], or, if you registered as bob on vreign.space, you’d be bob[vreign.space]. With this handle you can login anywhere in the metaverse that offers Immers Login, and you’ll be able to bring your identity with you, invite your friends to join you on your adventures, and collect avatars and souvenirs along the way.

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Watch the video to learn about Immers Space from worker-owner and founding member, Dulce Baerga, or choose a community below to join now:

How can I get Involved?

As a cooperative, Immers Space is a different type of company – we share power between workers, users, and Immersive Web creators because we believe democracy and accountability are the keys to healthy communities. We don’t have Venture Capital investors; instead we have members and elected councils that drive our decision making. Can you help us shape the future of the metaverse? Become a member today.